STELLA MEDIX Ltd. Enhances Translation Management Solutions for Specialized Medical Content

STELLA MEDIX Ltd. now offers Translation Management Solutions. Our services include translation, technical edit and editorial supervision in niche topic materials such as medical articles and publication.

Currently our services are available only in English however we will be ready to add Chinese, Spanish and Italian languages to our list of services. The topics include health, food, beauty, biotech, and animal health as well as medicine and medical sciences.

Accessing Information in Your Native Language

Accessing information from around the world is becoming much easier mainly because the Internet is widely available and the search engines became nothing special nowadays. Medias that do not require languages are easily shared globally; we see how music, photos and movies are shared across the world without borders. It is safe to assume that the written form of information will follow the same path and be shared and communicated globally at the fastest rate in the coming years.

It should be noted that translation tools via the Internet have become widely available and used by many. Any document can be translated to your native language using a tool such as Google Translate, and you are able to access information from around the world. That is, to get “some rough outlines and ideas” of what is written but if it meets your expectation is another question you need to ask yourself.

Communication in Science - EVIDENCE

Furthermore, scientific evidence is a common denominator especially in the specific fields of medicine, health, food, beauty, biotech and animal health. It is crucial to exchange information that are based on such “evidence.” For instance, the issues on human bodies will not vary drastically among different races and ethnicities, and the proven facts hold true globally. Thus Japanese professionals are already seeking information from around the world for references, and in such cases English is commonly used. This trend will continue to grow.

Packaging both Translating and Editorial Operation Services

As we are able to access information from around the world much more easily, our demands for better quality in translation work are getting stronger. It is becoming more obvious among those who ever used a translation tool over the Internet, that although it is possible to grasp a rough meaning from these machine-translated phrases, the quality is nowhere near to be a reliable news article nor a convincing advertisement material. Even if such tools are to be improved, we at STELLA MEDIX Ltd. believe that rewriting and editing by humans will still be required. If the original was written by humans, perhaps the editing work by humans will continue to be requested for. To meet such demands, STELLA MEDIX Ltd. has launched our new service called Translation Management Solutions.

We take pride in ourselves with deep knowledge and the volumes of literature we own, writing and editorial experiences under our belts, and our human resources network around the world, all of which play major roles in order to guarantee high standard and quality of services in the fields of medicine, health, food, beauty, biotech and animal health. Our goal is to offer the one stop service of translation and editorial operations that normally require different business offices.

Compartmentalizing in each field makes it easier and more effective to acquire the skills and knowledge in how to disseminate reliable information more accurately and effectively in order to cater businesses and individuals in need. In addition to our knowledge and skills, our staff consists of specialists in each field, native speakers of multiple languages as well as the Japanese natives with experiences abroad.

Recognition of Content Marketing

Recognizing the need for content marketing, our content production proceeds with targeted readers in mind. While we focus on accuracy of the information, we take note of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that can help make the content more visible. Having said that, although there are many ways to take advantage of the visibilities by SEO, the best approach is to have content that is accurate and to the point, materials that are easy to read and understand so as to capture readership. The well written materials lead to more frequent and longer visit time at the site, which then leads to the higher rating of the site. Focusing on the content quality is our weapon of choice, and is especially effective on the subjects like medicine, health, food, beauty, biotech, and animal health where topics are not viewed as common interests.

The difference between specific and general interests are becoming vague to many people as accessibility to information becomes much easier. Disseminating information in a manner that is easier for the readers to access – this is where we come in. STELLA MEDIX Ltd. is offering the language solutions between Japanese and English, and expects to add Chinese, Spanish and Italian languages in the near future.

For cost and fees, our Article Plan, Editorial Plan, or Supervision Plan is to be combined and quote will be available upon request. Please refer to the plan table here.

Moving Toward the Future--Auto Writing by AI and Our Content Production

Knowledge and skills we developed for translation services can be employed on the content production that are led by Artificial Intelligence in the new era to come. Furthermore, rewriting and technical editing by human continues to be required and supervision of the process will be in high demands. Recognizing this new era of publication, STELLA MEDIX Ltd. is committed to serve better, to bridge both the publishers and their readers.

(Press release originally posted in Japanese on November 11th, 2017,Japanese version is here)

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